Essay: The Arts in Hard Time

Essay: The Arts in Hard Time
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In fact, in the middle of 1970s of the U.K., as political, economic instability increased in the entire society, the government’s intervention of Arts Council became noticeable. The Conservatives became the party in power with the opposition party, Labor Party Prime Minister Harold Wilson, with more votes but less seats in January 1974. But in the same year, Labor Party defeated the Conservatives and Harold Wilson was reappointed the Prime Minister. However, he resigned in March 1976 when the economy went bad and his political status have weaken, James Callaghan took it over. In the same year, it was an inevitable consequence of the calling for loan form IMF by the Callaghan government and the U.K. entered under the management of IMF[1].

The 1977 Arts Council annual report titled ‘The Arts in Hard Time’ suggested that the Council has been in economic differences in the middle of 1970s. Moreover, the title for the annual report in 1977 was ‘Value for Money.’ During these periods, economic pressure sharply increased due to the crisis of welfare state, changes for the promotion of economic efficiency in all the parts of British society. These changes brought the fundamental modification of the governmental support for arts and culture with privatization of government-run orgnisations.

[1] Junghee Kim, ‘Civilization, Culturism, Enterprise Culture’, SNU Press, 2010, pp134-135

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