Essay: The Aspect of Grief

Essay: The Aspect of Grief
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Upon reading and understanding the above mentioned book, it can be sincerely said first of all, that the book is a masterpiece and one of its own kind.

Grief is a part of life and every being comes across issues that tend to be hurting and demoralizing sometimes. The authors John James and Russell Friedman have presented an astonishingly assisting book. The book assists in getting familiar to grief and its aspects especially from child’s point of view. The book is very easy to understand and explains grief as healthy for children. It also advice parents and adults to let their children bear a loss and realize and then come up with the situation allowing them to restore to health again. “Children need to feel bad when their hearts are broken.” (p. 27)

The books comprises of five different parts analyzing and investigating critically, the legends of grief, the procedures of recovery and the finishing point of it, realizing one’s own being i.e. self-discovering oneself, and other failures. To start with the aspect of grief, the authors of the book advice elders to refrain from cheering a child in such situations and say “don’t feel bad.” (p. 34) such an expressive phrase can emotionally damage the child.

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