Essay: The Aspects of Film Making and Direction

Essay: The Aspects of Film Making and Direction
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Kurosawa, throughout the duration of his profession, has produced a number of authentic movies making it quite complex to settle on choosing the best one. For many reviewers and columnists, the intermission is a redundant part breaking the tempo of the viewership. Viewers are so deeply involved in the story line that by the interval, it is more of an annoying cut off then a welcomed break time.

Unlike other long movies, seven samurai has a unique type of flow. The length of the movie however is quite long considering 201 minutes of the original cut, yet it is a perfect instance of saving. Not even a single scene is a waste. It is considered to be a memorable piece of art work made by one of the legendary directors of film making. It is a collectible for those who in fact, understand the balance between the aspects of film making and direction (Ebert).

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