Essay: Aspects of Movie Superman that Attracted the Children

Essay: Aspects of Movie Superman that Attracted the Children
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It was observed that several aspects of the movie gained full attention of the children. Children watched scenes in which Superman was put under distress by the villain, with great interest. They also watched the climax where the villain of the film Lex Luther was beaten by Superman. This observation indicated that children had developed a bond with the fictional character of Superman and wanted him to fight back and win against Lex Luther. It also showed that the children accepted the notion of Superman being a good guy and Lex Luther being a bad guy, without much hesitation, as it was depicted in the film. This showed how easily children could get affected by TV programs.

Involvement of Children

During the activity, there were several points in which children were considered as totally involved in the activity. In Scenes where Superman was involved in heroic activities, such as saving a train from crashing down a broken bridge, it was observed that some of the children even gave cues of their keen interest in the scene. These cues included cheering up Superman and exclamations at various points as well as change of postures during the scenes.

Feeling Inspired by Superman

The character of Superman was observed as a Good guy by the children. It was observed that children felt happy whenever they saw the Superman. They also felt happy after the scenes in which Superman successfully performed super heroic tasks. An important observation that was made during the activity was that the children felt amused and sometime cheered Superman on in scenes where Superman was beating his villain and its accomplices, despite the fact that the scenes were a bit graphics and represented violence. After the activity, a majority of children were observed as mimicking the character of superman in the room where they were allowed to play with the other group.

Feeling Inspired by Lex Luther

The character of Lex Luther, on the other hand was viewed as a Bad Guy by children. It was observed that children enjoyed watching Lex Luther getting into trouble and thrashed by Superman, and generally no remorse for him was observed in the children. It was also observed that in scenes when Lex Luther had the upper hand over Superman, children felt anxious. After the activity, it was observed that almost all children felt very indifferent toward Lex, hence showing a very small sign of desensitization among them.

Motivation of Children

The character of Superman motivated the children in reproducing the acts that they have observed in the movie through reinforcement. It was observed that during the activity, children developed a link between them and Superman, through which they could only see it as a positive character. It was also observed that children took all the acts that the character of Superman performed in the film as positive and hence felt reinforced whenever Superman came out of trouble without any scratch. Hence, this led children to believe that any activity performed by Superman is right, without any consideration of the environment or situation, which motivated the children enough to perform the actions of the character in real life.

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