Essay: How to attach the writing process?

Essay: How to attach the writing process?
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Writing is a process – often a long, painstaking one. Typically, to attack the writing process one must follow the following steps:

• Prewriting. This is where you conceive all your ideas in your head.

• Drafting. At this stage you start by putting the words on paper.

• Revising. During this stage, you put your ideas and make sure thoughts are in a proper flow from one to the next.

• Editing. Now, you have to see that all your sentences read well.

• Proofing. Now give it a glance and correct whatever needs to be corrected.

Following are some points considered to make your writing work or not work:

1. Get contented with your individual writing process. Test to find out exactly what works for you. What do you individually like to do throughout the pre-writing phase?

2. Look for ways to improve your individual writing process. For example, you might find that it is for all time healthier to wait for one or two days by forwarding from editing to the proofing stage

3. Write. Write. And, then write some more. After all, put into practice all that makes ideal. And, you might want to toss some reading in, too. Remember, good writers are almost always keen readers.

4. Don’t look for shortcuts. Accept the fact that high-quality writing always requires going through a process. You need to make sure that you go from end to end each of each step of the writing procedure each time you build up a written communication. This definitely does not work.

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