Essay: Audiometric Level of the Employee

Essay: Audiometric Level of the Employee
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Though audiometric analysis has been used successfully to protect individuals from hazardous acoustics within an environment, there are several problems with the employment of the method itself. The methodology employed by the operator in establishing the audiometric level of the employee can be inaccurate or corrupt causing the results to become tainted.

These tainted results can lead to the existence of a threshold shift where none exists or even the absence of any form of hearing loss one year and its appearance over time in subsequent years. Additionally, according to Reid, it should be noted that even though audiometric programs are effective as a measuring tool to establish the control of noise levels within a workplace. It is not an effective tool to detect hearing loss within employees before it occurs. Damage to the inner ear can occur incrementally over periods of time before it can manifest at discernable levels. Therefore it is important that even though audiometry is a part of the program, it does not define the program (Reid, 2005).

Other issues which may occur in regards to hearing protection programs refer to the inability of such promotion schemes being undertaken at a level necessary to aid the very workers it was made to protect. Even though such programs may define how much practical protection must be employed. Companies are making such protection more and more individualistic and dependent on the employees rather than corporations itself. Additionally, in the case where the hearing loss does occur, employees are considered the culprits, not the environment itself since they do not follow the protocol established to protect them from NIHL (Reid, 2005).

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