Essay: Authentic Jewish Models

Essay: Authentic Jewish Models
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Greenberg also takes the time to remind us that the belief of Christians in the idea of resurrection is based on a belief drawn from somewhere. According to his description, the authentic Jewish models believe in this resurrection because of what the bible tells them. To them, the resurrection is a legitimate hope. This is in the classical Judaism. It is shown in the rabbinic teaching and at the heart of Jewish prayer. Greenberg asks his fellow Jews to look at the wider picture.

According to his teachings, “there is a divine strategy for redeeming the world using human agents” (Greenberg, 1998). This can however be only achieved if they assume that the divine will that Judaism and Christianity are one and the same thing is true. We need to assume that both of them are the same and that they always correct each other where wrong. This according to Greenberg the purpose of the Exodus and is the reason he refers to it as the orienting event.

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