Essay: Available point of view on Human-Machine Integration

Essay: Available point of view on Human-Machine Integration
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A serious debate exists over the future of Human-Machine Integration with a number of points of views brought forward by researcher in favor and against such integration. The researchers in favor of such integration points out the significant improvement computers and related technologies have brought in the life of human beings. They argue that such integration can only benefit the human race as it would specifically be made to enhance the abilities of the human body beyond what it is naturally capable of as well as in enhancing the experience of life by restricting factors such as aging and disease.

On the other hand, those who argue against it bring forward what they believe to be the biases which propel the development and acceptance of such integration. They believe that the bias toward enhancing the functionality and efficiency of human body would totally change the way humans are viewed, from defining characteristics and actual manifestation of humanity and personhood to definition in terms of upgrades, versions and utility that can be achieved. For others, human beings have already become Cyborgs without the presence of any implants. The computer and the technologies it has inspired have greatly enhanced the capabilities of humans beyond what it was possible in the last centuries and humans have become so bound to it that the absence of computer in life gives a sense of incompleteness.

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