Essay: Average Sound Exposure in Night Clubs

Essay: Average Sound Exposure in Night Clubs
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Other examples of loud music being a prime culprit can be seen in a study conducted by the Hearing Association in Nelson found that the average sound exposure in nightclubs can range from 97.4dB to 120dB. The use of firearms is the primary cause of NIHL in the United States among recreational users. It is estimated that only 1% of such users employ head protection while using firearms. Small caliber weapons can release sound pressure up to 140dB while large bore weapons have a noise level peaking at 170dB (Reid, 2005).

While it is true that continuous exposure to loud sounds causes hearing loss over time. A single loud sound can also result in hearing loss which studies show can last up to a year in 1 to 16 year olds. Other effects can include metabolic changes and also learning disabilities. Young Adults who use personal music devices have been shown to exhibit changes associated with NIHL such as loss of balance and threshold shifts. A study conducted by Vogel, Brug, Hosli, Ploeg and Raat into the personal perception of adolescents and young adults found that their preferred listening level was normally at maximum volume. Though there was a difference in use in the case of young adults who used them occasionally in comparison with adolescents who used them frequently, reasoning’s for loud volume usage ranged from drowning out background noise to wanting to hear a song clearly.

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