Essay: Awareness of Globalisation

Essay: Awareness of Globalisation
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When asked about their understanding of globalisation, the institution likened it to issues that affect the whole world, which is an interesting analogy because higher education sectors are well known for having outputs that affect the world.  Likewise, the movement of individuals, let alone students has affected the world, not only in terms of migration, but of pollution and other social issues.

There is a belief that globalization has affected the international marketing objectives of higher education institutions, as the University of Bradford recognizes the dangers of focussing on the recruitment of fee-paying international students.  Part of the danger is that the UK higher education sector is not paying attention to the factors that facilitate the understanding of cultural diversity which contributes to the international student experience.  This would basically include social factors mention in earlier chapters such as news reporting on universities in the Far East; this also could explain the increasing popularity of Australia and the US as alternative destinations.  However, this can only be improved on with support from the central government as the immigration/visa process may send signals about the level of cultural diversity in the UK.  The University of Bradford also went on to comment on how globalization could be used to the UK’s advantage, and comments included an overhaul of course delivery methods through the process of internationalism of the curriculum.  Not only would this reduce the pressures of competition through renewed partnerships and exchanges; it would also give the UK an opportunity to reform the higher education sector.

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