Essay: Axial Age’ and the Intellectual Developments of the Ancient World

Essay: Axial Age’ and the Intellectual Developments of the Ancient World
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Felipe Fernandez-Armesto is a successful and established historian cum author. He has penned down more than twenty five books which have also been translated in over twenty two languages. If students are looking for the true story of the evolution in the past, The World History: Combined Volume is one history that will fulfill this purpose. This book not only shows the world but does so from different aspects such as through a holistic, truly attractive narration, the elementary connections between environment and the people. The able author Armesto will help students not only in learning the global history but also helps educators around the world in teaching history.

‘Axial age’ coupled with the secularism is another way of describing the transformation of the modern world. In literary terms, Axial means forming an axis and apparently not all but most of the philosophies and religions taught in the axial age are continuing in the modern world as well that is why it is sometimes referred to as the axis age. Felipe Fernandez-Armesto is educated in the striking similarities among a disparate group of sages who shaped theological and philosophical teachings.  The best ideas are old. We have added deplorably little to humankind’s stock of thoughts in the past 2,000 years. We still turn for worldly guidance to Confucius, to Buddha for a sense of the transcendent, to Aristotle for clear rules of thought. We still abide by the moral teachings of the rabbinical tradition that culminated in Jesus Christ. Our philosophers write “footnotes to Plato”. Between them, the sages of the first millennium BC came up with ideas as influential as to justify a term that has become popular with scholars: the “axial” age.

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