Essay: Axial Age

Essay: Axial Age
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The age was “axial”, too, because the regions in which the thought of the sages unfolded lay, axis-like, across Eurasia. China, India, Greece and southwest Asia were the linked locations in which “axial” thinking happened. The religious leaders of the time founded traditions of such power that they have huge followings to this day.

The secular sages ran out, as if with their fingernails, grooves of logic and science in which people still think. They raised problems of human nature -and of how we can devise appropriate social and political solutions -that still preoccupy us; and because much of their teaching found disciples who wrote it down, a body of texts survived to become reference points for subsequent study. Monotheism, republicanism, “legalism”, rationalism, logic, science, skepticism, the world’s most enduring religions and ethical systems -the tally of new thinking in the axial age looks impressive by any standards, but especially so in the light of its legacy to us.

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