Essay: Background of Alzheimer’s disease

Essay: Background of Alzheimer’s disease
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Despite remarkable advances in the consideration of Alzheimer’s, scientists have yet to identify a true reason of the disorder. The most important hypothesis is that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by a buildup of unsolvable remains of beta-amyloid. Because these remains are not suspended, researchers believe that this structure of beta-amyloid keeps building up and forms plaques.

Senile and presenile are two distinct forms of dementia presented by Emil Kraepin, a German psychiatrist. When we discuss Alzheimer’s disease the pre-senile form is looked upon. Alois Alzheimer described this to be an ongoing corrosion of intelligence, reminiscence and direction. Alois Alzheimer was a neuropathologist who initially researched a woman who was fifty one years of age. When he autopsy was carried out after her death, he discovered that she was suffering from mental weakening (cerebral atrophy), excessive deposit of proteins and unusual fragments in the nerves of the brain. These turned out to be the most common of the occurrences in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Lyketsos, Jones, Fitzpatrick, Breitner, & Dekosky, 2002).

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