Essay: Background of Holy Wars

Essay: Background of Holy Wars
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Western Christians view Islam’s success as having been attained through violent wars. This view is derived from comparisons of Islam with Christianity by the western civilization.

This divergent view of the two religions can be traced back to an era before the medieval age. The western negative view of Islam began during the middle of the 14th century when Islam controlled several empires and as Western Europe was emerging from the dark ages[1]. The Muslims were responding to the expansion of crusading Europe during the 1000-1300 centuries. The early crusading Europeans were fighting to push Christianity through Iberia, Mediterranean from the Muslims. The Islamic rule began after the death of Prophet Mohammad in 632 A.D. and covered North Africa from Mecca, Spain, and Sicily to the East in Iran, India, Bukhara and Samarkand in Asia[2]. This led to the classical Islamic Era between 800 and 1200, where major cities of the world like Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Baghdad were under Muslim influences.

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