Essay: Background Study of Futura

Essay: Background Study of Futura
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While reading Barber as a background study of Futura, in my opinion, I can resolute that this approach of gaining customer feedbacks is more truly centralized on the customer. Futura made complex efforts frequently to figure out what image the company had in the eyes of its customers. Futura implemented the BSC strategy in order to efficiently manage their company and not just bring improvement to their business. This approach has tended to be a mix of employee and customer retention. In 2001 the company was announced as the best private employer and for successive four years the company was announced as the friendliest employers. Futura’ enhanced performance was due to their customer centered approach.

After reading Niven (2010), it comes out evidently that Futura was never focused towards expanding their clientele. If there was one improvement I would have implemented in Futura, it would have been their focus towards exploring diverse markets in order to expand their clientele and this is possible only after they understand the desires and preferences of their customers thus trying to meet their expectations and attitudes which are only possible if they explore new markets.

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