Essay: Balanced Scorecard-Fixing the problem

Essay: Balanced Scorecard-Fixing the problem
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The problem that was significant at UHS San Antonio was that different groups of workers such as the accounts department, administrative department and doctors were putting in their entire efforts to achieving their personal goals instead of achieving the mission of the hospital in its entirety. The problem present aroused a need to implement the Balanced Scorecard strategy which would help align the mission of the hospital and the financial objectives.

The problems primarily outlined were the longer patient stay at the hospital and the rising costs associated with the provision of services to these patients. The average cost per patient was about US $12,000 (About University Health System, 2010). The BSC strategy here was aimed at the alignment of its four equally critical quadrants: finance, customer (patient) satisfaction, internal business process, and staff satisfaction (Fastrack, 2010).

The doctors and supervisors at UHS were made to believe that if they would apply their entire efforts in fulfilling the requirements of one quadrant then they will have to suffer a great loss in the other and this would lead to imbalance in the hospitals mission. For example, if they decide to cut down their human resource, they will certainly achieve a great amount of financial recovery but this would lead to deterioration of the quality of service being provided to customers. Another wrong move would be to designate many patients to each doctor, which would certainly lead to betterment in the internal business quadrant, however this would lead to increased number of errors and that would again deteriorate the quality of services (Alexander, Drain, & Malone, 2005).

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