Essay: Banning alcohol on commercial flights

Essay: Banning alcohol on commercial flights
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Banning alcohol on commercial flights will save millions of dollars. This will be effected through reduction of flight expenses. On the commercial flights, passengers are served with a variety of products. Out of all those served on the flights, alcohol is the most expensive. Banning it from commercial flights will mean that the funds used to purchase it will be saved. In addition, this can be used to reduce on the flights rates making it more attractive to the passengers.

It hurts financially on the side of the passengers who do not take alcohol while they have paid the same amount of flight charges. When a passenger is being issued an air ticket, it is not included in the ticket that one will pay extra if he has to take alcohol on board. As mentioned earlier, alcohol is terribly expensive. This further implies that those who do not take it have to part with a substantial amount of money to enable its purchase. If banned, a lot of money will be saved, and, all the passengers will feel that they have been treated equally; no single passenger will be taken advantage of.

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