Essay: Barricade on Germany

Essay: Barricade on Germany
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American entrance in the war was more extraordinary when Woodrow Wilson was once again elected President in November 1916. It was hardly 5 months later after his election that he requested the Congress for an assertion of war in opposition to Germany. At the same time, his government recognized the Committee on Public Information, the government misinformation agency led by George Creel who was a renowned defiled reporter.

Even though war was continuing in these countries, Wilson insisted that the trade with them must continue, but France and England sustained to implement a barricade on Germany. The North Sea was also excavated by the English and these measures desecrated neutral rights, freedom and liberty but America sustained trading with these countries.

With the passage of time, however, it was obvious the United States was dealing with actually all the Allies. Practically speaking, American impartiality became definitely one-sided, though, this fact did not disturb Wilson’s Anglophile responsiveness. While France and England place Germany in a monetary monopoly, the Allies were reliant on the goods being traded from America.

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