Essay: After the Battle of Antietam

Essay: After the Battle of Antietam
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General Robert E. Lee had made a strong wall of his army across the Pennsylvania after the battle of Antietam so that nobody dares to have that place and conflict with the Confederacies. This was a great win over southern armies. But the facts of holding battles should be unveiled. The army of the Northern Virginia rode across the river Potomac and reached Maryland. Confederates were on the verge of victory.

This brought an end to the South’s victorious past. The war remained to be continued for a couple of years and a bit more but the decisive factor of the war was decided in the battle of Antietam which was the liberation of the slaves. The foremost goal of Abraham Lincoln was to free the slaveries and to bring success to his Proclamation of Emancipation. He issued emancipation proclamation just five days after the war of Antietam. The foreign relations improved to greater extent after Antietam battle. African-Americans got liberation after years. The concerns of Europe i.e. France and Europe again came to United States. This was the war that gave United States of America a strength and confidence that they can achieve things (p.4 – p.11).

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