Essay: Battle of the Greeks and Trojans

Essay: Battle of the Greeks and Trojans
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In the Battle of Trojan, the Greeks began to lose and Nestor informs the authorities that the Greek were losing because their leader, Agamemnon, had humiliated Achilles by taking his loved war prize. It is at this point that the king, Agamemnon, it requested to make peace with Achilles to avoid the Greek losing to the Trojans. Agamemnon concurred with Nestor and sent two tribal chiefs, Phoenix and Ajax, along with Odysseus to return Chryseis to Achilles and offer him more presents. In return, Achilles did reject all the rewards and called upon the Greek troops to return home just like he was al most doing.

In efforts to retain his lost glory, Achilles, through a prays to Thetis, her mother, requesting her to request Zeus to permit the Trojan to win the allow and guarantee that she Greeks troops loses. Zeus allowed this and the Trojans attack the Greeks making them to retreat to the beaches besides assaulting their warships. At this juncture, Achilles it relaxed in the troop’s camp and the Myrmidons are being commanded by Patroclus. Though Patroclus is able to somehow manage the Trojans out of their beaches, Hector, who is commanding the Trojans is able to kill Patroclus before he, Patroclus, can launch a major attack on the city of Troy.

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