Essay: Benefit of Network Management Tools

Essay: Benefit of Network Management Tools
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There are a number of benefits that Network Management Tools offer. Some of these benefits are listed in the lines below.

  1. Network Management Tools are applications that are used to monitor, support and maintain a network, while providing technical stability to the systems with little or not human intervention.
  2. A Network is a critical resource for businesses and any problem in the network can adversely affect their critical functions. Therefore, it is critical to constantly monitor the network for any potential problem that may become so severe that the entire infrastructure of the business is affected. In order to effectively manage a network, a number of resources and their parameter have to be monitored on daily basis. This task gets more complex with the size of the network. Therefore network management tools are utilized by the management in orders to quickly pinpoint any trouble within the network and takes necessary steps to rectify it.
  3. Items that are usually monitored by network management tools include asset tracking, device availability, the status of critical services and applications, utilization of memory, key trend analysis and server health check as well as log checks of back-up and anti-virus applications. The data captured through monitoring of these tools is used in the compilation of comprehensive reports which are then used to support budgeting process and formulation, regulatory compliance as well strategic and corporate planning.

In networking environments such as our university network, networking management tools are frequently used to manage various aspects of the network. A few scenarios that would signify the importance of network management tools are given below.

  1. The University provides Internet access on all of PCs which are present in the computer center. This would generate traffic which would often be unevenly distributed. Furthermore, access to the Internet would also require security as well. Therefore, a tool such as Microsoft ISA Server can be used to distribute the traffic load evenly as well as perform Internet bandwidth management on the network as well as provide security through its firewall.
  2. Another scenario in which a network manager may find network management tools useful is the when the security of the network has been compromised or someone is attacking the network. In this case network management tools can be used to monitor the activities on the network as well as take necessary actions to restrict the damage that is caused or about to occur to the network resources.
  3. Another example of network management tools usage could be for users of the PC on university networks  who may not be IT literate and therefore may struggle to use a PC if it does work properly due to software malfunctioning, or don’t have the right privileges to rectify the problem themselves even if they know what to do. Therefore, network management tools such as HP OpenView can be used to gain access to the problematic PC and thus the system administrator can troubleshoot the problem from his desktop (Nadeau  2003).

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