Essay: Beowulf’s Focus

Essay: Beowulf’s Focus
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The poem Beowulf mainly focuses on individual reputation and the future ancestral heritage. kingship bonds are the concern for everybody and every family has its own identity. The ancestral heritage are a major concern to every males that eventually gives them identity. The poem further clearly defines the German culture that is followed by Beowulf  in order to be respected within the society. Much worth noting is the fact that Beowulf followed the teachings of the Germans that requires them to honor their juniors, be loyal and a great political skill for leaders. There is also a great difference between good and bad leaders. Beowulf is considered a great leader due to great political skills while the Demark is a bad example. The monsters that are being killed by Beowulf are am indication that Beowulf is a hero. For example, Gredel has his descendants to biblical Cain who killed his brother who is killed by a hero to reveal the greatness of a warrior.

Based on the above essay, it is evident that the two protagonists are heroes within their respective culture. One major difference between the two is that one, Beowulf lost his life after being injured fatally by a dragon but the death of Achilles is not elaborated. The issues of battles are deep rooted in the two cultures and the leaders are supposed to set custom made examples as either good or bad examples, however, in respect to our two characters, they set good examples that are adored by their fellow residents. Though Beowulf eventually becomes a king for a short period before death, Achilles does not become a king, however, both characters set good records as warriors that are admired by their compatriots.

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