Essay: Beowulf-An epic Poem

Essay: Beowulf-An epic Poem
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Based on the fact that Homer is able to prove war as a normal way to settle dispute irrespective of the results, the military glory is preferred to the family glory. In pursuit of the military glory, some characters forsake their loved ones in order to be referred to as hero. Achilles rejects his lover, who he has publicly declared to love because he is interested in the fall of Greek after the King took her. He further forgoes his friend Briseis and resumes back to the battle to prove him worth among his society, a point he is clearly able to prove after emerging victorious during the battle with Hector.

Beowulf is a epic poem that revolves around the life of Beowulf as the protagonist while the antagonists are Grendel, Dragon, mother to Grendel and mead hall of Hrooga, who the king of Danes. This great poem displays Beowulf, as a warrior in his youthful age and in he is old due to his ability to kill Grendel, the dragon and Grendel’s mother. In the poem Beowulf, there are different episodes that reveal the heroism of Beowulf, as a youth and when he is the king of Geats. It is the two episodes in different ages that define Beowulf degree of heroism as a warrior that are differentiate him with a duration of fifty years. While displaying his heroic nature between his different ages, he is also able to display he transition to adulthood. His ability of clean out plagues from Denmark displays him as a hero among the Danes. Hrothgar drives his transition to adulthood by acting as his mentor who teaches him to become a great ruler. Beowulf does not rule for many years but he is able reveal his great profession as a warrior that guided him to become a king.

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