Essay: Beowulf-The end of the poem

Essay: Beowulf-The end of the poem
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In the end of the poem, Beowulf is revealed as a great king of Geatland. His is revealed as a warrior who must act for god of his people without bias or anything that can display his act revealing self-interest. His decision to fight with dragon for the sake of his people causes his death. Considering that the dragon has super natural power, the decision to fight is a clear indication of Beowulf’s heroism and need to selflessly serve his people. Though this last decision leaves the people of Geatland without a leader, these people consider Beowulf to be their hero. This act to fight with a dragon processing supernatural powers is considered a sacrifice he made for the sake of Geatland.

To a certain level, level this sacrifice to not beneficial to the people of Geatland since they are prone to external attacks when there are is no able leader like Beowulf. On the other hand, war is a norm in Geatland just like within other neighborhoods and Beowulf had little or no option making a great warrior among his people. The essence of war is defined by Beowulf who after Grendels mother kill Aeschere, and Beowulf informs Hrothgarv that:

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