Essay: A Biblical view of Cosmogony

Essay: A Biblical view of Cosmogony
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The distinction between Cosmogony and Anthroponomy is significant as the very word Cosmogony has been derived from the word Cosmos that means origin while the word Anthrop suggests humanity. The concept of Cosmogony is related to the creation of Cosmos and the concept of Anthroponomy is related to the creation of mankind.  The scripts on Sumerian anthroponomy do exist but they are found absent when it comes to Cosmogony.

It becomes, therefore, impossible to draw substantial convictions about the matter with the help of works. The only option left is to take help from unrelated texts. The cosmogonies offered in these texts are rich in variety and different patterns can be considered for getting an insight into the Sumerian convictions regarding the creation of the cosmos. Two very different advances are found in Sumerian texts (Pinches, 1903).

One thing that the Sumerians knew and firmly believed was that man is mortal. The Sumerians attempted to get a comprehensive view of the mortal state of man in the myths of Atrahasis and Adapa. They also believed staunchly in the immortality of the soul of man. The Sumerians, henceforth, led their lives under the dogmas and beliefs that they held. But that life of Sumerians has never been idealized by the rest of the humanity.

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