Essay: Black Life under White Rule in South Africa

Essay: Black Life under White Rule in South Africa
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The life of the Black South Africans was miserable under the White rule. The history of Black South Africans is replete with a long tale of poverty, violence, usurping of the rights of the Blacks who were in majority but seldom enjoyed equal rights with that of the Whites who have become their masters as a result of Colonialism.

The Whites expanded their rule in every sphere of society in South Africa and perpetuated the servitude of the Black South Africans through multifarious policies which they implemented in the colonized land. The most ferocious of the policies include apartheid that implied that mitigation of the rights of the Black majority by the White minority. The policy was included after the elections of 1948. The new policy divided the people of South Africa in several distinct ethnic groups, including black, white, colored, etc., and the groups were treated according to the status which they were granted as a result of the policy. Moreover the separation of the ethnic groups was not the only consequence of the policy but the implementation of the policy has introduced the Black South Africans to a number of miseries that were to continue in the succeeding years.

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