Essay: Blogging-A two way communication

Essay: Blogging-A two way communication
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To increase the web site visibility, web traffic must be increased to a greater extent. Companies are now buying web traffics while focusing more on visual contents, which greatly supports branding strategies. The brand has a huge impact on consumers’ decision-making process.

All the contents of a marketing plan must focus on the message a firm’s corporate strategy gives. To catch users’ attention websites started using Blogs. Blogs are becoming a very crucial part of brand communication within the user circle and outside the consumer market. Blogging is a two-way communication which increases the frequency of user feedbacks and opinions about a certain product or service on a given platform. According to an article, only 16% of online consumers who read corporate blogs say they trust them (Rubel 2009). This can be easily overcome by shifting a blog into a community discussion that shares a common interest in corporate activities. Similarly, for MarketNet the page must contain information that offers something for every member of the page. For instance, the mentoring content can have experts such as CQU professors and corporate people from marketing and management fields. The idea is to provide a platform that sticks the users to share information and indulge into a corporate mentoring activity and discussions.

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