Essay: Blogs Analysis

Essay: Blogs Analysis
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Weblogs or Blogs are the latest trends in the effective use of the Internet as a tool of communication with people around the world and effectively getting the point of view across. In the Arab world, blogging did not gain much attention until recently and has still had some way to go in terms of content and coverage. Therefore, in order to judge the current condition of blogs, an analysis of two of the most popular weblogs has been conducted in this essay. These weblogs are Al-Bab and Mahmood’s Den and an account of their analysis is given below.

Al-Bab weblog is run and maintained by Brian Whitaker. In the About section of the website, Brian states that he is a journalist for British Newspaper “Guardian” and has remained its Middle East editor from 2000 to 2007. According to the author, the website itself started because the author has amassed a large collection of literature on Yamani politics, some of which was rare. Therefore, in order to make it generally available to the public as to raise the general awareness about Yemen, he put all the stuff online on his website. Those who connect with the blog comprise of people who are either part of the Arab society or have a great interest in learning about it. There are a number of websites both Arab and foreign who have linked their website with the Al-Bab web portal.  These include news information sites such as BBC World, The Huffington Post, Economist Website and the Economist Website. The main purpose of the blog is to provide a comprehensive and non-partisan source of information to the readers around the world. It carries news and information from a variety of sources and does not any bias to the news.  The website of which the blog is a

The website of which the blog is a part originally started as an Information Gateway to Yemen, which was because the author of the website wanted to make it a comprehensive, non-partisan information resource about Yemen which contained information which was not easily available on the Internet. Later those who found the site very useful suggested that the site should expand its coverage to the whole of the Arab region, which was done by the author. The blog does have a clear audience. It acts as a serving point for information about a variety of topics which include Arab politics, current affairs, and terrorism. The information provided on the blog serves wide audiences which range from readers in Arab countries to Arab expatriates to people from Europe and America who are interested in what is currently going in Arab World. The blog does not allow for readers to have

The blog does not allow for readers to have a discussion as it does not have an automatic commenting facility. The site mentions the email address of the owner of the blog to which readers can write and express their opinion. These comments are read by the owner and only good ones are published.  Al-Bab blog contains all the information that is sourced from an external website. The site itself does not give out new information but serves as bringing together interesting news for a number of resources. Many of the posts have a direct link to the source as well as other related information, which can be used by the user to gain further information.

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