Essay: Blood donors

Essay: Blood donors
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First, the article is well outlined and the theme is enhanced by the taking account of the dates in deed this agrees with his title “Diary”. Progressively the author demonstrated a rich use of language raging from imagery, exaggeration, metaphor to contrast and some extent humor. “I have never been accepted as a blood donor and I don’t like the idea of a debt” the author creates humor that no one would imagine a patient who is need of blood donation would create.

Secondly, he uses contrast to demonstrate various personalities of medical professionals that we are likely to meet in the hospital. “Some take the human body to be made of flesh, some of jointed metal” Third, he used imagery to describe his body shape at some point when his health had deteriorated “I look like a watermelon with a great slice hacked out’” it is very interesting when you conceptualize the image he created.

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