Essay: Body Image and Extreme Exercise

Essay: Body Image and Extreme Exercise
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It is widely known that for athletes to attain their body image, they carry out extreme body exercise, discipline, and eat a balanced diet. Through that, they attain a BMI that is normally higher than that of other people. Michael Phelps, who won 8 gold medal during the 2008-olympci games has an ideal body image for most men. Despite having a BMI of 23.74, he claimed to have been exercising more than 30 hours a week

For many people, including athletes, the desire to have an ideal body image should not be misinterpreted. Misconception about the body image can result to unhealthy lifestyles that can have disastrous effects. It is noteworthy that women in need for the ideal body image should not have inappropriate diets, excess body exercise and use of nutrient supplements. Anorexia athletic “generally to over- exercise linked with an obsession with body weight and shape” (Giordano, 2009: p. 92). This is unhealthy lifestyle, however, it is employed by athletes to ensure that they attain a certain body shape required to participate in certain games. Among the weight dependent games include karate, taekwondo among others. (McArdle, Katch, Katch, 2009).

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