Essay: A book analysis on Post Mortem

Essay: A book analysis on Post Mortem
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There has to be an answer and as Mackowiak points out – there are many. He has discussed twelve people namely Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, Greek statesman and General Pericles, Alexander the Great, King Herod, Beethoven, Mozart, Florence Nightingale, Booker T. Washington, Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, the Roman Emperor Claudius, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Each chapter starts in an intriguing way designating the famous figure as a patient – a case under study, laying out his/her background and worth in history, and then disclosing the identity. The title of each chapter has been thoughtfully kept, hinting about its case like, ‘The Human Praying Mantis’ as Akhenaten’s appearance resembled one. There are recorded accounts, heard details or painted representations, some very accurate and some eroded away or misplaced, these evidences are the only basis of the research carried out in the quest to solve the mysterious deaths of the named above. He has also stated what the most famous and influential physicians back then had concluded of the possible ailment and what sort of treatment had been carried out for 3500 years that this book covers. He has sometimes confirmed their diagnosis, taken help from it and further rejected some ideas which the modern science has found to be different from the ones in ancient times.

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