Essay: Book on Post Mortem

Essay: Book on Post Mortem
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Author starts with the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten from the 14th century BCE who ruled Egypt for the next seventeen years, turning away from the ways of his ancestors and establishing the sun-disc god. Akhenaten is pictured to be rather ugly with a serpentine neck, elongated head, large ears, pot belly and spider shaped feet and hands.

There is a debate starting from a variety of syndromes from Fröhlich syndrome to Marfan syndrome and Schistosomal cirrhosis. He pointed out the most suitable answer to be Klinefelter syndrome – genetic disorder. Next is Athens in 490 BCE and its General – Pericles. Known to be one of the most significant cases linked to epidemics; calling it a holocaust because of the number of lives it claimed, its diagnosis is evaluated from the work of Thucydides and Hippocrates. The epidemic still remained undiagnosed two millennia later to which the author attributes certain causes. Debate ensued from typhus, pneumonia, influenza, measles, scurvy, bubonic plague and anthrax. The epidemic was concluded to be outbreak of smallpox also saying that Thucydides record might have been biased when he was affected by the disease.

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