Essay: Book Review of Jeffry Frieden

Essay: Book Review of Jeffry Frieden
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In his book Jeffry Frieden stated “The economies of Canada and Argentina more than tripled, and their output per person nearly doubled in less than twenty years these two nations” (Frieden, 2006), pertaining to the firm burst of globalization in the second quarter. The reason for the country of Canada being able to rebuild, reestablish and generate itself into a prosperous county was based on the partnership of the public and the private sector investments in the economy. The nationalization of the economy and corporation pertaining to public utilities enabled Canada to control the distribution as well as the production and development of the resources.

Aside form this country also opened its political boundaries to accept trade as well as export goods to Europe, Australia and the Far East. The significant location of the United States of America was a key advantage the country has as the favorable alliance with the US resulted in exponential growth in the economy of the Canadian region as well. Aside from this the county also established trade alliance with Mexico and the United States which enables the business’ in the region to conduct their operation in a much more mobile and flexible way.

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