Essay: Border Collie vs. German Shepherd

Essay: Border Collie vs. German Shepherd
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Every characteristic of a Collie shows one function or the other required to perform its job, mostly farming assistance as it is best known for its capabilities to on the farm.  The Collie in size is big enough for displaying authority and is very quick to run from one end of the farm to another in no time. The Collie is covered in thick coats of skin and thus remains unharmed from external elements and inevitable environmental pollutants.

Collies are holders of both extraordinary intelligence and are extremely responsive which can help the master enjoy training them. However, since they are capable of performing independently, they can be disadvantageous as well and can lead to trouble. Multiple repetitions are not liked by Border Collies and since they quick learners; they prefer being left on their own as soon as they have mastered the trait. Excessive repetition bores him, but since he learns quickly, there is little reason to keep drilling him anyway. Collies survival is based on a new challenge often, therefore, their training and intelligence sessions should be very interesting and short (Leong, 2007).

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