Essay: Branch Management Issue at ABC Bank

Essay: Branch Management Issue at ABC Bank
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The bank ABC is also facing the same problem. It has multiple branches in the relatively large geographic region which are separated by 3-4 blocks. As a result of the distributed presence of the ABC bank, it is facing problems regarding data integrity and restricted access to client records as well as incompatibility of software in one hosted at one branch with the software hosted in another. As a result the ABC bank is forced to adhere to a more manual oriented system as well as keep their client records specific to one branch. In the long term the bank is unable to keep up with the market requirement for deposit and savings accounts as well as other banking activities as the ABC bank is unable to account for and predict its future revenue, transaction rate as well as provide realistic ratios of revenue and growth for the following years and financial periods.

In order to solve this problem pertaining to discrepancy in data and the lack of access to the records held at other remote branches, banks in the financial sector have started using bank automation devices. These have been implemented since 1980’s however the full potential of these automation tools are just being realized. These benefits pertain to providing the customers with a clerk free environment where they can conduct their banking activities in their own privacy, where as other benefits include integration of the business activities of the bank on a regional and national scale. Complex software can also aid in maintaining the records of a bank in an integrated manner over a global scale as well.

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