Essay: Branch Management Issues Facing Banks

Essay: Branch Management Issues Facing Banks
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The banks around the world are currently facing problems regarding branch management and the storage and accessing of records for customers in a dynamic portal which can be accessed from remote places as well as through international alliances. They are also facing problems regarding the maintenance of customer records which can be forthcoming as well aimed towards the growth of the banks in the future while providing for current investment as well. “Despite their technological prowess, banks have trailed behind other consumer services and product industries in terms of customer satisfaction. The average satisfaction with banking services hovers around the 75-percent level, meaning there is a gap of 15 percent less than the average for leading companies in other industries. Customers now expect dependable, responsive, and high-quality services that are available anytime, anyplace. Oblivious to internal fragmentations along functional, product, and geographic lines, customers have a habit of aggregating all their interactions with a financial institution across all channels, products, and services. Therefore, banks must overcome internal barriers and articulate an integrated flow of business processes and technologies that is consistent with the customers’ unified perspective of the bank.” (Kopp, 2005)

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