Essay: Recent British Art Policies

Essay: Recent British Art Policies
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After the starting of New Labor’s Party led by Tony Blair in 1997, the reforming sectors of the U.K. based on young and fresh image of Tony Blair was not limited to only society, policy and economy. In order to change the existing old and conservative British image, young Prime Minister asserted the political slogan as ‘Creative Britain’, ‘Cool Britannia’ which are focused on making creative Britain by the creative industries and creative education.

Under this circumstances, the significance of culture was highlighted in everywhere of British policy. The governmental department included name ‘culture’ for the first time in the British cultural administration history[1]. As the Department of Culture, Media and Sports were established, the budget for the British culture increased almost to double. The increased government funding for culture and art, supporting programs in cultural fields had the best record of the former government. By this time, Tony Blair celebrated the achievement of British cultural identities during a speech at Tate Modern Museum that the Golden age of British culture has come in 2007 after a ruling for 10 years[2].

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