Essay: British council doing awareness programs

Essay: British council doing awareness programs
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The final aim of the British Council is to enhance awareness of the UK’s democratic values and processes and to encourage good governance and human rights with other countries (AEI 2004).

However, this very aim could also be contributing to the decline of international students, as some countries may not share the similar democratic values and processes, and so will some individuals.  The British Council, therefore, seems to market quality, English language skills and democratic principles and values to the rest of the world; however one has to consider that when the initial aims were developed, economic, social and economic conditions were different to what they are now.  For instance, quality has probably been present in other English-speaking countries, but the deciding factor could have been accessibility.  Let us take Australia for example, it clearly does have a good quality education but for an international student from Brazil, the UK may be closer and more convenient to travel than going to Australia (Kemp and Madden 1998).  The British Council’s presence in many countries also served as a constant reminder of British education, which also contributed to its accessibility.

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