Essay: Britney Spears is to Blame

Essay: Britney Spears is to Blame
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Williams is afraid of having young children because of the MTV culture’s focus on sex. TV displays women with little apparel making it tough for mothers to defend young children close to puberty. Britney Spears is to blame. Not only Spears, but numerous MTV divas do not help the cause with their displaying of little clothing. Spears won most mighty celebrity of 2002, making her “the forefront of this sex-crazed phenomenon”(Lunsford et al, 277) Britney’s stripper like outfits contradicts her declarations of endeavoring to save her virginity for marriage. Her activities talk louder than phrases with her sleazy image. Someone who doesn’t deal their body in alignment to deal melodies is Avril Lavigne who has admonished Britney for her image. She wears apparel that she would wear every day very different from Spears who “goes onstage and dresses like a showgirl” (Lunsford et al, 277).

When an entertainer is catapulted to stardom at an early age, I feel that they have a responsibility of being a good, positive role model to their listening and viewing audience. When you become famous, you have a tremendous responsibility of setting a good example to your fans, especially the younger ones. The singer and their promoters need to realize that how they portray themselves affects the actions of our young ones, and should try to keep the songs, dress, and videos appropriate for their young audiences. Many young women that try to have this likeness proceed through consuming disorders and have destructive behaviors, not recognizing that Britney has millions of dollars to pay persons to help her gaze the way she does. It’s hard to hold young children away from the sexy material the MTV/POP heritage depicts, but parents still need to try to educate their young children principles and good behaviors.

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