Essay: BSC Strategy

Essay: BSC Strategy
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For the fruitful implementation of the BSC strategy, the management took some drastic measures and the results turned out to be ferociously beneficial to the retention of the organization mission and financial stability. Departments were now named clinical business units and teams were formulated which now focused in on a specific illness. The main supervising physicians and managers were now looking after the accomplishment of the four BSC quadrants. These clinical business units organized care coordination rounds and brainstorming sessions to come up with solutions to complicated patient cases. The exceptional outcomes attained by UHS can be served as testimonials for the great job done in scheming and put into practice its BSC. After six months when the outcomes were reviewed, the results were as follows:

  • ICU cost-per-case down by 12%
  • Patient satisfaction up by 8% before Stratvision was implemented and this grew up to 18% later after its implementation
  • 45% rise in patient satisfaction
  • Cost per patient reduced by $5,000
  • $10 million loss was transformed into a profit of $3 million
  • UHS San Antonio attained a reduction in their costs per patient by $29, without having to reduce their human resource (About University Health System, 2010).

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