Essay: Building up a Healthy Life

Essay: Building up a Healthy Life
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The simplicity of language of the book might have been criticized by academic reviewers and critics who would disapprove the book for being categorized under the category of an academic piece. But the irony that emerges out of these criticisms is that the readers who cannot find time for their families and spend only few minutes together including meal time and television; would not be able to read a book written in flowery language. The simplest thing for them would be to put aside the book in a corner.

The real mastery of the authors lies in the fact that they convey their message to the parents unlike parsons whom people in twenty first century do not believe in. They invite the readers in a simple but emphatic language without being sounding like preachers. Their words are simple unlike sermons but vivid and effective simultaneously. Thus Lee and Pipes succeed in achieving their goal for they teach the parents in trouble what they believe is true. The conclusion, on the other hand, is vulnerable to open criticism as they conclude with end notes professing that if the parents fail to achieve their purpose, that is to build up a healthy life and follow their offspring towards Christ walking on the lines drawn by them, it must imply that the parents might have weaknesses in their beliefs on Gospel or that Gospel’s teachings must have been hyperbolic.

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