Essay: Building Trust Online to Sell Products

Essay: Building Trust Online to Sell Products
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Request for testimonials after each purchase and use them as they are the most believable scripts to prospective purchasers. When consumers take notice of those who have bought and used the product or service, they gain a certain level of trust and comfort in what you have to offer.

The offer should be unique and ensuring this uniqueness is essential. If the offer is not interesting, consumer won’t find it attractive and thus are uninterested in learning more about the product. A FREE offer or a trial and evaluation type of scheme can work to grab a handful of potential buyer. Trying something new is always effective to gauge the response.

A good technique for developing trust is to purchase and exhibit security and reliability icons such as BBB Online, Trust-e, and VeriSign. The website or company needs to be seen as reputable before any transactions. This means that consumers can purchase without worrying about the safety of their credit card information, personal information, or anything else being exchanged (Luftman, 2003).

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