Essay: Burt’s Bees future

Essay: Burt’s Bees future
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From 1987 to 1997, Burt’s Bees has made tremendous additions in its product lines and brands. This may raise a question, why to put so much emphasis on product development? Because, companies will have to address consumer’s needs, due to which companies come up with more and more offerings.

It simply delivers to a question about Burt’s Bees future not as a retailer. Earlier in the case where pruning of products was discussed, company cut the products which were no longer a consumers’ need. This pruning has brought significant changes in cost reduction and production efficiency as the process were to automate. Products that are pruned, replaced with skin care products which is again a strategic step to address consumer’s need and not displaying what consumers don’t want to see (Timmons, Spinelli, 2009, p. 216). Retailing is the only way to keep a close customer contact, therefore, to stay vibrant, forward integration or retailing would be a proactive step if taken now.

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