Essay: Appropriate business attire in Italy

Essay: Appropriate business attire in Italy
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It is very much necessary for the foreign MNC top management to wear good and high-end fashion clothing, because Italy is also known for its designer clothing like Gucci, Armani etc. it is must for the male business visitor to wear suits with neckties because it is very much essential to how they perceive you and your organization because your are the representative from your organization.

As far as the women’s are concerned they need to wear the business suits or they can wear the conservative cloths according to the Italian culture. Furthermore, luxurious accessory according to the gender like shoes, leather goods are significantly important. Because the impression of what you have wear and how you are looking has a great impact on your personality and physical attire. So try to be look good because it leaves a remarkable impression on the international business relationships (Priest, 2005).

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