Essay: Business Continuity

Essay: Business Continuity
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The System i55 servers make use of the virtualization capability to ensure business continuity by the use of virtual tape drives. The drives offer high-speed backups directly to the disk which reduced schedule save windows and increases scheduled production hours of operations. These virtual tapes can then be moved to physical tape cartridges while end-user applications are in production. There are several other save/restore features which include: direct backup and restore spool files, parallel save and restore and avoidance of downtime associated with periodic SAVSYS. The dual parity support of RAID6 offers protection even if two disks fail in a RAID protected set of disks. The SAN support also allows the additional option for IBM TotalStorage copy services. Other features as improved IPL recovery and journal performance.

Enhancement to cluster services includes a new cluster administrative domain which can be used to designate certain configuration objects, environmental attributes and system values to be maintained across the administrative domain. A new type of cluster resource group supports additional application and management models such as stateless Web serving. The Peer CRG supports an environment in which multiple nodes are used in the recovery domain for a resource without the use of a primary or backup. In order to provide data resilience object can be designated to be automatically saved to journals, while cross-site mirroring can be used to make data synchronize across non-geographical sites (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt, & Watson, 2006).

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