Essay: Business culture in Italy

Essay: Business culture in Italy
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Italy is a lucrative option for any multinational corporation to start its business activities whether from Greenfield, merge with Italian firms or through acquisition and hostile takeover. It has been ranked to the seventh most industrialized countries across the world.

When Italian entrepreneurs come to an international negotiation they have a sense of drama and acting is the vital part throughout their culture. While doing business they can easily read the facial expressions and body gestures of other person. Italians are the peoples which don’t trust anybody and are very object oriented towards their work, Unlike Americans who believes in teamwork orientation. They are very efficient while building long term relationship when it comes to business. Good impression” bella figura” from the other party makes the deal done for the Italian businesspersons. To initiate any international business across the Italy there are certain points which any multinational corporation should consider before starting the business in Italy. We will discuss these issues throughout the paper which enhance the understanding of an American firm on how to do the business in Italy and start international negotiations.

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