Essay: Business meeting in Italy

Essay: Business meeting in Italy
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When initiate any business meeting in Italy it would be very much recommendable to acquire the service of a local intermediary in Italy because this person knows how to deal in the local environment and will help in minimizing the gap between both the parties, which will help the firm to manage and develop the business with an effective way. It is very much applicable if an foreign investment firm schedule the meeting in advance because Italians tend to focus on subject and wants to gather the information, they wants to know whom they are meeting, what is your title in your organization etc. it should also taken into account that the most important person from you organization would met the other party and start all legal formalities (Deresky, 2006).

You should be on time whenever the time has been decided because Italian peoples are very punctual and it will leave a bad impression on your “bella figura” as well.

It has been concluded that Italian culture is a vast and unpredictable culture which is followed by the high risk, high return statement in managing the business in Italy. It is highly important that a home country organization should have a great knowledge about the host country legal entities, people way of behavior and how to deal with it with problem tackling skills. The interpreter can play a vital role to convey the message of both the parties in a most appropriate way and no one can deny the importance of interpreter when you are doing a business out of your country boundaries. Last but not the least I would like to say that the understanding of any culture in the business plays a major role and solve most of your problem efficiently and effectively.

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