Essay: Business naming in Italy

Essay: Business naming in Italy
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As far as the order of name is concerned you should use Mr. /Mrs. and if a person has any PhD level degree then you will use Doctor (Dottore) before the family name. Italians only allowed their close friends to use their first name. Furthermore, shaking hands would be the formality and if the women’s are there then you will have to wait and allow her to shake hands otherwise you can follow the top to bottom approach in hierarchy while shaking hands.

Another step would be the business card it should be more than enough to give every appropriate people and if you print the card in Italian language then it will really help you for the good impression, however not necessary.

While giving your card eye contact would be very necessary it will help you to create intimate meeting throughout the session. The main purpose of the meeting to being an American entrepreneur is to build the long lasting relationship and it’s better to use the subject to object approach try not to hurry for the main agenda of the meeting. Your goal should be to build the trust between both the counterparts because the final decision in the Italian culture cannot be made in just one meeting. There has to be different meeting to make the final decision (Katz, 2008).

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