Essay: The California Mission (c. 1949) by Arthur Beaumont

Essay: The California Mission (c. 1949) by Arthur Beaumont
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1949 was the time span of chronicled account of California from primitive times all the way through the Spanish exploration, migration, and the period of Missions in California, the American Conquest, and the Gold Rush. The painting, which is yet Untitled, offered in watercolor with dimensions 16 x 12 inches, at a first glimpse, is thematic and in my opinion, sets up a long-lasting heritage by documenting the exclusively attractive and inspiring art of the period of Impressionism in California.

I in person accept as factual that surprisingly, and in comparison to the art of modern times, California Impressionism which is Beaumont’s method, endows the viewer by reaffirming the environment, the supreme foundation of our life form and the widespread attachment of compassion. In doing so, I feel this painting helps distinguish ourselves. This theme or context of the painting is apparent from the harmony of persons going into the mission, nuns standing out-of-doors the objective with white pigeons soaring over the mission. This painting presents a sense of purity and harmony in the environment.

Great effort has been employed to refurbish these significant sites, and more activities are required to end the job. This painting enthralls the toting up of the public with their missions. Unlike Benjamin Brown, Beaumont exposes existence in his painting and arrests the vigilance of the viewer. With the transient of time and the altering of flavors, plein-air decorating has one time afresh attained attractiveness in American art. Now for the first time, more than a century years after the method began, the California missions are one time afresh finding favor amidst creative individuals, collectors, and museums. The painting, however, displayed in contemporary culture would be hard to relate to if the culture or heritage being present was more signified.

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