Essay: Californian hospitals Discussed

Essay: Californian hospitals Discussed
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There are many arguments which support this article documented evidence in which authors describes about the mean, median of the Medicare to commercial ratio by using the quantitative analysis function in which they discussed the notable difference between both the prices charged by the hospital authorities for insured, uninsured and commercial patients (Louis, 2010).

What I have learnt from this article is that the insured patients are better off than the uninsured patients categories. In my opinion people who come from different states to seeks the specialized services in hospitals of California should try to rely on their own states hospital because it also creates the biasness for the peoples who mainly belongs to the state of California and due to some reason couldn’t insure themselves to avail the services which are enjoyed by the insured peoples. So it is better to avail services in their own states which would also benefit the patients who belong to the state of California.

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